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Commercial Outdoor Lights

Transform your business’s exterior into a captivating masterpiece that commands attention and leaves a lasting impression with Trimlight’s commercial-grade permanent lighting solutions.

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Illuminate Your Business with Trimlight’s Permanent Outdoor Lighting

Introduction: Enhance the beauty and visibility of your business with Trimlight’s permanent outdoor lighting solutions. Our commercial-grade lighting is designed to transform your outdoor space into a captivating showcase that attracts customers and leaves a lasting impression. With the convenience of our advanced technology and the durability of our lighting system, you can enjoy the benefits of stunning and energy-efficient outdoor lighting year-round. Discover the power of Trimlight’s permanent outdoor lights and take your business to new heights.

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The Power of Permanent Outdoor Lighting

Elevate Your Business with Enhanced Visibility: Stand out in the Crowd with Trimlight’s Permanent Outdoor Lights

Elevate your business and stand out from the crowd with Trimlight’s permanent outdoor lights. With our innovative lighting solutions, you can enhance the visibility of your business, attracting more customers and increasing foot traffic. Our carefully designed lighting installations ensure that your business remains highly visible, even during evening hours, making a lasting impression on passersby. By illuminating your building fa├žade, signage, and outdoor areas, you create a captivating presence that sets your business apart.

Enhance Visibility and Attract Customers

Let Trimlight’s permanent outdoor lights help you shine brightly and elevate your business to new heights.

  • Increase foot traffic and attract potential customers: With our permanent outdoor lighting, your business becomes highly visible, even during evening hours, making it stand out from the competition.
  • Enhance brand visibility, especially during evening hours: Create a memorable brand presence by illuminating your business facade, signage, and outdoor areas, ensuring your brand is easily recognizable and leaving a lasting impression.
  • Make your business easily recognizable from a distance: By utilizing Trimlight’s permanent outdoor lights, your business will become a recognizable landmark, guiding customers to your location.

With Trimlight’s permanent outdoor lighting, your business gains enhanced visibility, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers. Our lighting solutions create a memorable brand presence, making your business easily recognizable from a distance. Illuminate your business with Trimlight and stand out from the competition, attracting more customers and maximizing your success.

Commercial Permanent Lighting Gallery

Explore our curated gallery of commercial outdoor lighting designs, showcasing how Trimlight transforms businesses into illuminated masterpieces.

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Trimlight’s Commercial-Grade Permanent Outdoor Lighting

Superior Quality and Durability: Unmatched Quality and Durability for Commercial Applications

When it comes to commercial outdoor lighting, Trimlight offers superior quality and durability that is unmatched in the industry. Our commercial-grade outdoor lighting solutions are specifically designed to meet the demands of businesses, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance. With a focus on durability, our lighting installations are built to withstand the rigors of commercial use, including harsh weather conditions, ensuring they maintain their functionality and visual appeal over time.

The Perfect Commercial Lighting Solution

Trust Trimlight to provide you with the highest quality and most durable outdoor lighting solutions for your commercial applications.

  • Commercial-grade construction for durability and longevity: Trimlight’s commercial-grade outdoor lighting solutions are built to withstand the rigors of commercial use, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance.
  • Weather-resistant materials that withstand rain, snow, and UV exposure: Our lighting system is designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and UV rays, ensuring reliable operation and longevity.
  • Patented technology for reliable and consistent performance: Trimlight’s permanent outdoor lights incorporate patented technology, delivering consistent performance and reliable illumination, enhancing the overall visual impact.
  • Best and only Lifetime product warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with Trimlight’s best-in-class Lifetime product warranty, ensuring long-term satisfaction and support for your commercial outdoor lighting investment.
  • Exclusive LED technology with 50,000 hours lifespan: Trimlight’s commercial lights utilize exclusive LED technology, offering an impressive lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, ensuring durability and longevity for your lighting installations.
  • Bright and beautiful at night: Experience the transformative power of Trimlight’s commercial outdoor lights as they illuminate your business with a bright and beautiful display, enhancing visibility and creating a captivating ambiance.
  • User-friendly EDGE app with year-round programmability and calendar feature: Take control of your commercial outdoor lighting with Trimlight’s cutting-edge app. The user-friendly interface allows year-round programmability, enabling you to create captivating lighting displays for every season, event, or occasion. The calendar feature ensures seamless scheduling, making it simple to manage and customize your lighting system.

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Trimlight EDGE for Business

Tailor Your Lighting to Fit Your Business’s Unique Style

Introducing the Trimlight Edge app, the ultimate tool for managing and controlling your commercial outdoor lighting with ease. This user-friendly app empowers you to unleash the full potential of your lighting system. With the Trimlight Edge app, you can effortlessly customize and control every aspect of your commercial lighting, right at your fingertips. Whether you want to adjust colors, patterns, or lighting effects, the app offers endless possibilities to create captivating displays that align with your business objectives. Seamlessly integrate your lighting system with the app, and experience the convenience of controlling your commercial lights from anywhere, at any time. With the Trimlight Edge app, taking charge of your commercial outdoor lighting has never been simpler or more exciting.

Trimlight’s cutting-edge Edge app, a game-changer in the world of commercial lighting control.

While competitors may offer some features, none can match the comprehensive functionality provided by Trimlight. With a user-friendly interface, the Trimlight Edge app offers an array of benefits designed to meet the complex needs of commercial applications. Key advantages include:

  • Cloud-based accessibility: Access your Trimlight system from anywhere in the world, thanks to the app’s cloud-based technology.
  • Impressive programmability: Enjoy the flexibility to showcase up to 30 colors simultaneously, with the ability to display up to 90 of each color.
  • Unique pattern and animation options: Illuminate your commercial space with captivating twinkle and fire animations, adding a dynamic touch to your lighting displays.
  • Color zoning capabilities: Create distinct color zones to highlight different sections of your business, allowing for customized and eye-catching lighting effects.
  • Programmable downlights (soffit lighting): Trimlight is the only company offering programmable downlights, allowing for seamless integration and versatility in your lighting designs.
  • True Off setting: Easily turn off your lighting system when desired, ensuring complete control over your commercial lighting.
  • Music synchronization: Trimlight is the exclusive system that syncs and dances to music, transforming your commercial space into a captivating audio-visual experience.
  • Group pairing capability: Effortlessly control multiple controllers within the same app, streamlining the management of complex lighting setups.
  • Sub controller assignment: Assign sub controllers to a master controller, simplifying programming for customers with multiple controllers or multiple locations.
  • Firmware upgrade and update capability: Keep your lighting system up to date with the ability to perform firmware upgrades and updates through the app.
  • Compatibility with Alexa and Google Home: Seamlessly integrate your lighting system with popular voice-controlled assistants for convenient and hands-free control.
  • Open API for automation: Utilize Trimlight’s open API to integrate your lighting system with other automation platforms, expanding the possibilities for automated control.

With the Trimlight Edge app, your commercial lighting control is elevated to new heights, delivering unmatched functionality and convenience for your business.

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